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Volunteer Strike

November 17, 2012

I appears to me, more and more, that volunteer groups are doing the work that we pay tax dollars to have our governments do. Look at our hospitals and shelters. They wouldn’t survive without the volunteers and fund raisers. The Occupy Sandy group is a perfect example of this in the US. Volunteers putting the Red Cross and FEMA to shame by getting things done in a timely manner without the bureaucracy.

Perhaps all of these volunteer groups should go on strike and demand that tax dollars go where people feel they are a priority before they go to projects that just line the pockets of politicians and industry. I think our governments are starting to depend on the kind hearts of people a little too much, and I don’t think they really appreciate it as much as they perhaps should.

But it won’t happen because the government knows that people won’t just sit back and let people suffer. That’s their job.