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Squirrels Amusing or Annoying

February 16, 2010

Is there anything more charming than the face of a squirrel?  They are one of those things, much like a laughing baby, that will never fail to make me smile.  Little clowns in a furry outfit that can maneuver their way into any bird feeder to steal a meal.  They’ll sit there eating all the best peanuts while looking in your window at you to make sure you’re watching their performance.

Red Squirrel

Now the dog… he doesn’t get the same pleasure from watching them as I do.  They seem to be his nemesis. His life-long mission; the pursuit and conclusion of that seed thieving, good-for-nothing, tree devil. If he ever caught one he would likely not know what to do with it.  It would just be one point for him against the thousands of points the squirrel has already accumulated.  What fun!