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One Of Those Days

March 22, 2010

Sometimes photographing wildlife is very frustrating and more often than not the reward is not worth processing. Then there are days when everything is just out of reach of your lens.  For me that seems to be the case quite often.

I’ve been wanting to photograph a coyote for quite some time. It’s one of the few larger mammals here on the Island and I have rarely seen one let alone had a chance to photograph one.  This week I saw one AND I had my camera with me, but it was a field away from me and a 400mm lens just doesn’t have enough reach for that.  (Heavily cropped)


After that disappointment I went over to the National Park and it seemed there were Eagles everywhere. I saw at least a dozen of them.  Again, they seemed to stay just out of reach of my lens.  (Heavily cropped)

Eagle In Flight

Eagle on the Marsh

Eagles Fighting

And the best shot of the day…

Common Crow

Oh well tomorrow is another day.


Cotton Carrier

January 9, 2010

Recently I purchased a new, made in Canada, Cotton Carrier for carrying my camera equipment around.  I hesitated at first knowing that about 90% of camera equipment is geared toward men and I wondered if this might be just another useless piece of equipment that would sit in storage. But, reviews on the net were saying that it does work well for women so I decided to give it a try.

Mine does not have the side holdster

After friggin’ with the straps a bit I finally got it small enough to fit me snug. I had to make the straps as small as I could get them. So for anyone smaller than me, I’m afraid it would be a little disappointing. Where the straps goes around me, (just below the boobs), I am 31 inches. You might get away with being 30 inches but no less.

As for comfort and quality; I am very pleased with this little gem. I tested it out on an afternoon hike in the woods and it was quite comfortable to wear.

Frozen Intruder

The quality is there too. All but the chest straps tuck neatly away so there’s nothing left dangling. The chest straps dangle in the back of you so they’re not really annoying, and in my case having so much of the straps left over I could wrap them to the front and tuck them away. There’s a little velcro pouch in front just for that purpose.

I have been blessed with the most useless set of shoulders know to women. They won’t even hold a purse up, but I have no problem carrying my 7D with a 100400mm lens using this device. There is no weight at all on my neck or shoulders. It’s a wonderful rig and I strongly recommend it to anyone who carries a large camera and lens around, or even a not so large lens.  There’s very little camera bounce and you have full movement with both hands free. Gotta love that.

A really nice piece of equipment; this Cotton Carrier. I give it 5 stars.

First Word

October 23, 2009

It’s time for me to jump into the world of blogging and social networking. As much as I don’t really “get it”, I think I may benefit from at least giving this a try.  So in an attempt to get my photos more “out there” I will be publishing some of them on this blog and hopefully adding some interesting information about each photo for readers to, well, read.  I can’t say how active I will be with this blog, but time will tell.

Feel free to comment on anything you read or see.  And, of course, you can always participate in my polls.