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What’s Happening To Our Food

February 3, 2012

It’s been a while since I blogged. Here’s something new for me to rant about… food.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about food and the food industry. I’ve also spent a lot of time changing my diet over that past five years. It’s a slow process but I think I’m as “there” as I can be. I eat about 60% organic and I buy local products when I can get them. I eat small side servings of local meat so it’s never the main part of my meal. It’s been three years since I’ve bought any industrial farmed meat that they sell at the Super Store or Sobey’s. I also keep a few hens for eggs. (If you need eggs call me.)


Good food is expensive. It shouldn’t be but that’s another rant. It is… I look at this way. Everyone has their causes that they support. I support the environment as one of my causes and I support it by spending a little extra at the grocery store. I eat better and the earth/environment benefits from it. It feels good. How can I go wrong doing that?

In a nutshell here’s my synopsis of what’s happening.

The food industry wants you to buy as much food as possible, understandably, so they make money. The problem is that food doesn’t last unless you remove all the goodness from it. You know, the good fats, the antioxidants, and such that have a short shelf life. This is where processed food comes in. But it’s not food. It’s FILL. It hardly nourishes you and leaves you hungry unless you eat a lot of it, …frequently. It’s a scam, people. Rule number one according to Michael Pollen is, eat FOOD. REAL FOOD. And buy it as locally as possible so it’s fresh. Produce loses it’s nutritional value after only a few days.

See the problem with fake food (or edible food like substances as Michael Pollen puts it), is fundamental. It lacks food.

~ End of rant ~