One Of Those Days

Sometimes photographing wildlife is very frustrating and more often than not the reward is not worth processing. Then there are days when everything is just out of reach of your lens.  For me that seems to be the case quite often.

I’ve been wanting to photograph a coyote for quite some time. It’s one of the few larger mammals here on the Island and I have rarely seen one let alone had a chance to photograph one.  This week I saw one AND I had my camera with me, but it was a field away from me and a 400mm lens just doesn’t have enough reach for that.  (Heavily cropped)


After that disappointment I went over to the National Park and it seemed there were Eagles everywhere. I saw at least a dozen of them.  Again, they seemed to stay just out of reach of my lens.  (Heavily cropped)

Eagle In Flight

Eagle on the Marsh

Eagles Fighting

And the best shot of the day…

Common Crow

Oh well tomorrow is another day.


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