Grey Partridge

Also known as Hungarian Partridge, these chubby little fellows were introduced to North America for the purpose of hunting. They normally inhabit agricultural areas that contain hedges and bushes. I spotted these in the National Park in a place where I frequently see a Rough-legged Hawk.  (Now I know why the hawk has been staying around that area.) They’re plumage makes them quite difficult to spot when there’s no snow.

Grey Partridge

I didn’t realize, until I saw this one, that they will burrow under the snow to get at the seeds on the ground.  It was quite a surprise to see this little head pop out of the snow while I was looking through the lens.


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One Response to “Grey Partridge”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Really neat how they live in under the snow!!! That would sure cut down on the oil bills these cold nights!

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