Cotton Carrier

Recently I purchased a new, made in Canada, Cotton Carrier for carrying my camera equipment around.  I hesitated at first knowing that about 90% of camera equipment is geared toward men and I wondered if this might be just another useless piece of equipment that would sit in storage. But, reviews on the net were saying that it does work well for women so I decided to give it a try.

Mine does not have the side holdster

After friggin’ with the straps a bit I finally got it small enough to fit me snug. I had to make the straps as small as I could get them. So for anyone smaller than me, I’m afraid it would be a little disappointing. Where the straps goes around me, (just below the boobs), I am 31 inches. You might get away with being 30 inches but no less.

As for comfort and quality; I am very pleased with this little gem. I tested it out on an afternoon hike in the woods and it was quite comfortable to wear.

Frozen Intruder

The quality is there too. All but the chest straps tuck neatly away so there’s nothing left dangling. The chest straps dangle in the back of you so they’re not really annoying, and in my case having so much of the straps left over I could wrap them to the front and tuck them away. There’s a little velcro pouch in front just for that purpose.

I have been blessed with the most useless set of shoulders know to women. They won’t even hold a purse up, but I have no problem carrying my 7D with a 100400mm lens using this device. There is no weight at all on my neck or shoulders. It’s a wonderful rig and I strongly recommend it to anyone who carries a large camera and lens around, or even a not so large lens.  There’s very little camera bounce and you have full movement with both hands free. Gotta love that.

A really nice piece of equipment; this Cotton Carrier. I give it 5 stars.


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9 Responses to “Cotton Carrier”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Looks like equipment a “swat” team member would use! It does look quite suitable for carrying around camera equipment – glad to hear it has worked out to be such a success! I hope you have written to the company to tell them how impressed you are!!! Cheers …..

  2. Stephen Says:

    The side option is interesting. I didn’t know the cotton carrier could possibly double as a too.

  3. Sonny's Pics Says:

    It’s similar. I didn’t get the side holster. I don’t think I want to carry two cameras around. You can order it separately though.

  4. LaRee Says:

    The Cotton Carrier system really is an awesome product. I carry two cameras now because it is so comfortable and easy to do. I’m ready for anything with a long lens on one and wide on the other. I’ve tried many different products and systems. This one is the best I’ve ever owned.

  5. Alma Says:

    Just wondering if you had an update on your opinion of the Cotton Carrier now that you have been using it for a few weeks?

    • Sonny's Pics Says:

      I still love it. The only think I don’t like is that your camera is open to the elements if it rains or snows. I would love to see them come out with some kind of waterproof cover that slips easily over it. For now I use a plastic bag.

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  7. Clive Lansky Says:

    Hey Sonny,

    As far as protection from the elements goes,you might try
    a good ol’ fashioned shower cap.
    The elastic keeps it in place rather well, it packs easily, and
    gives good coverage


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