Return of the Pond Monsters

A few weeks ago I posted some photo that I shot while out in my canoe on Cass’s Pond.  The Pond Monster post.  Since then I have noticed that there are many of these monsters showing up on my hard drive.

A Family of Monsters

There seems to be an increase in their numbers.  Could it be that they are multiplying?

Keeping a Distance

A Tall Teenage Monster

I don’t want to panic anyone or start any rumors, but you just might want to check your hard drive to see if you have any pond monsters lurking around and if you do… Well, just keep an eye on their numbers and let me know if you see an increase.

Male and Female Pond Monsters


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One Response to “Return of the Pond Monsters”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Love, love, love the pond monsters!!! They are not on my computer, but they are welcome to come visit!!!

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