Follow The Flight


Fascinating bird, the Osprey.  They always nest near water because they feed almost exclusively on live fish. The soles of their feet have barbs in them for holding on to their slippery catch and when they take it back to the nest they carry it positioned headfirst so it’s more aerodynamic.  They also have this fascinating reversible toe.  The outer toe on their foot can grasp either forward or backward. How cool is that?

The shot above was taken while in my canoe where I frequently encounter Ospreys.  Not an easy task, shooting a bird in flight, when it flies right over your head like that.  Your body has to behave like a gyroscope as you try to twist and follow the flight without upsetting the canoe. Most of the time I only get a blur of a wing tip.

Ah, but for the next few months the Osprey will be doing their fishing down south where is warmer and the canoe will sit quietly in the rafters of the garage for the winter.  I miss both already.



2 Responses to “Follow The Flight”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Great shot. Where do you often canoe?

  2. Sonny's Pics Says:

    Thanks Stephen. I like to canoe in the smaller ponds like Cass’s Pond, Cambpell’s Pond, Winter River, Leard’s Pond, etc. Any place where I can get into shallower water where the wildlife is.

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