Taken For Granted

Sometimes it’s easy for me to ignore what’s right in my own backyard.  I think because I see these things everyday, I tend to disregard them.  This morning I saw this gloomy looking dark sky across the field in front of my place.  It looked like it might be picture worthy but what would I shoot?  There’s nothing in my yard worthy of this gorgeous sky as a backdrop.  The poplars had already shed their leaves at the end of my driveway.  They looked pretty drab… until I saw them through the viewfinder.  They came to life with that dark sky behind them.  I think I may have a new appreciation for those old poplars now.

blog pending rain

Pending Rain

I guess we all take certain things for granted at times. Perhaps it just takes viewing it with a different backdrop to fully appreciate what we’ve been missing.


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2 Responses to “Taken For Granted”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Burrrr, that kind of a shot reminds me that snow is just around the corner. The sky tells us all manner of things – and from that shot – I see snow.
    Weaverly yours …….. Barbara

  2. Sonny's Pics Says:

    I’m afraid there IS snow just around the corner. Not much we can do other than take pictures of it. Ha!

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